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Highway to Heaven: Jenayl Peters' Motorbike Life

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Jenayl wears the Nosara Bikini in Venice. Photo by Jenny Farhat.

Jenayl Peters’ motorbike is akin to the mellow speed and vibe of surfing on her single fin logs and mid-length eggs: cruisey, fun and not too scary at max speed of 35 MPH.

The San Diego-based Seeababe works full time as an academic coach and behavioral therapist at High Tech High Elementary School, which conveniently lets out of class at 3PM. That gives her just enough time to jump on her bike and catch an afternoon surf session before the sunset. As a motorbike rider since childhood, Jenayl shared with us why she loves the freedom of her bike and the empowerment of learning how to maintain the machinery.

Biking feels like surfing when… I am wearing a cute outfit, riding the streets around the beach and having a super carefree and fun time. It is a common feeling to surfing. When I wear Seea in the waves I get my chance to shine as a lady and surf in a beautiful and confident way.

Biking as a girl is a perfect example of how you can be part of and knowledgeable of activities that are predominantly done by guys. Its not about keeping up with the guys, its about knowing that we can still be doing our own things in a confident, athletic and sexy ladylike way!

Favorite places to ride my bike and why: Sunset Cliffs and going around town! I can park anywhere. I can see everything around me and its super easy to ride up and check the waves.

On learning motorbike maintenance 101: I have had to learn a lot of things about the way my bike works. Even though it doesn’t go very fast, it is still a gas powered gear bike and I think it is important to know how I am going from my house to beach safely! I have a friend that is a mechanic and I bring my questions to him often. I learn through him or the manual it came with. It’s a fun challenge to learn new things and work with your hands. Like ding repair and bike repair, always good to examine and know what you have and how it works best.

Raw edge details of the Tres Palmas Top in Venice. Photo by Jenny Farhat.
Jenayl wears the Nosara Bikini in Venice. Photo by Jenny Farhat.

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