MexiLogFest 2016: Style Winners

MexiLogFest 2016: Style Winners

How do you judge style? Read on to hear from one of the MexiLogFest judges, Julie Cox who told us it's all about subtlety.

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The finalists! Photo courtesy of MexiLogFest. 
The colorful surf-centric Sayulita on a normal day: vibrating with the energy of artists, musicians, tourists, surfers, yogis and creative folks from around the world, basking in the free-spirited beach lifestyle. Sayulita during the MexiLogFest 2016: dial it up to 11, raise the bar on longboard talent, and flood the town with more international amigos coming revel in the three-day bender of stylish surfing and partying.

This wasn't a traditional surf contest with events like the Tag Team tournament to keep the mood in the water fun, versus cut throat. But still, there’s $2K on the line and these cats have the Noosa Festival in Australia as next on the tour stop. “It is still definitely competitive though,” Julie Cox, one of the judges told us.

Exactly how do you judge this kind of contest? Julie Cox told us her criteria for crowning the winners of the MexiLogFest.

Lola wears the Hermosa Surf Suit free surfing in Sayulita. Photo by  JuanJose Siero. 
The difference between good and great style:

Julie Cox: “It is soooo hard to judge surfing period,” Julie says. “But, there are small things that make a difference in style. For example, cross-stepping versus shuffling, hands flailing or hands and arms calm and steady, torso straight versus hunched over, kicking out with control, or falling on waves. How people drop into the wave is something I look at. There are so many subtleties. It is very subjective and good style is in the eye of the beholder.”

How waves were judged at the festival: 

Julie Cox: “The judges at the MexiLogFest all agreed to judge on the beginning, middle and end of the rides with the most dynamic maneuvers including noseriding, turns, floaters, and style. Comparing two surfers is incredibly difficult because they each have their own style and flair they bring to the wave — their own personality... I liked seeing a big maneuver on the outside where the wave was the most critical. The surfing talent was really high: very fine tuned, stylish surfing going on down there in Sayulita.” 

Only good vibes please: 

Julie Cox: "The energy seemed super smiley and positive. The heat was intense so there was a lot of chilling at the house in the shade between their heats. The MexiLog Fest brought a great group of people down who seemed pretty humble and appreciative of having a logging contest."

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated! Go to the MexiLogFest website for all the winners and forthcoming photos and videos about the spectacular event! 

Julie Cox when she isn't at the judges tower. Photo by JuanJose Siero.
Karina Rozunko gets a good noseride during the contest. Photo by MexiLogFest.
Lola Mignot kicks her heel up during the contest. Photo by MexiLogFest. 
Lola (left) and Karina (right) share a party wave before the contest. Photo by @jslphoto on Instagram.

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