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Dive into this special limited edition capsule collection, exquisitely made and lovingly crafted.

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We’ll always be dirty barefoot surfers at heart, but the ladies at Seea also like to put on party heels and a fancy outfit once in a while! For those times that you want to dress up a little and float in a rooftop pool, or lounge on a beach recliner under a striped umbrella, we are thrilled to introduce you to the special capsule collection: LEI by SEEA. 


Seea has always been about working with our hands to make something, and respecting garments as a technical artform of sculpting fabric. We get butterflies when we discover a vintage garment with hand sewn details, or a special pattern line we've never seen before. LEI by SEEA started as a side project of Seea designer Amanda Chinchelli as an expression of her evolving creativity. It was a place where she could let her imagination run free. 


The name Lei comes from the Italian word for ‘she’.


"For me, the perfect example of a strong woman is the modern mother — women who balance their careers and family responsibilities while being creative, active and stylish,” says Amanda. 


Inspired by the strong, active woman whose distinct femininity shines through her every movement, each LEI by SEEA style name pays homage to women’s surfing pioneers such as Rell Sunn and Frida Gamba.


In a stunning juxtaposition of crisp structured patterns, flowing raw edged ruffles, and transparent details, LEI BY SEEA lets you embrace your contradictions and dance of the edges of categorization: pretty and fierce, sexiness and modesty, contemporary fashion and activewear function. 


We hope you cherish these pieces for their special craftsmanship, and the heart we put into creating them.

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