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"420 Style"

Posted by Seea on

Recently a few of our most enthusiastic supporters came forward to volunteer dedicated space in their shops for Seea, if we could commit to creating some rad ways for them to display the suits. Based off the success of our booth concept for the Inspiration LA show, we were convinced we could come up with something equally rad!

After a quick trip out to the junkyard in Orange, CA, we headed home with a load of old fence boards with some intriguing graffiti, broke out the sander, and got to work...

Before and after shot. The cream colored paint underneath was a surprise bonus!
From concept to completion, the display starts to take shape!

The final product, complete with thrifty monitor and DVD player from the second hand store.
Not bad for a day's work! Where will this display end up, you might ask? Check back soon to find out!

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