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Seea in Italy: Stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello Masters the Mix of Italian Elegance + Salty Vibes

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Its no coincidence that these golden swimsuits shimmer in the golden light. Elisabetta Dal Bello styles Mele in the Leucadia Bikini in Luna, and Jenayl wears the Tofino One-Piece in Geogold. Hat by Borsalino. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 

Elegance comes naturally to Seea's resident stylist for our Italian photo shoot, Elisabetta Dal Bello. The style maven shares with us her philosophy of self confidence and how she elevates Seea to ready-to-wear status. 

By Johnie Gall

Fashion week in Milan is a big deal. Models, designers, bloggers and the editors of some of the most prestigious magazines in Italy all converge on the city in a flurry of well-tailored pants and effortlessly tousled hair (the kind that actually takes an hour to achieve). Then there’s fashion stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello.

“My editor at Vanity Fair sometimes pokes fun at me because I always look like I’ve arrived straight from the beach,” says the sun-bleached blonde. “Even during fashion week in Milan!”

Elisabetta Dal Bello in vintage cut-offs with her signature tanned skin and naturally blonde hair. Photo by Cristian Corradin.

Elisabetta, a renowned stylist who’s contributed her innate eye for fashion to magazines like Italian Elle and Vanity Fair Italy, is living proof that style isn’t what you wear, but how what you wear fits who you are. It’s an instinct bred into her through her deep Italian heritage. “It’s hard to explain what Italian style is,” she begins. “It’s much more than the actual clothing. It’s the art of putting things together, of using unusual elements to create something amazing and unique.”

That can mean mixing a classic, well-tailored shirt from a small Italian design studio with something that’s more specific to the season, like a pair of surf leggings and a piece of bohemian jewelry. “Italian style a legacy of knowhow,” she says. “It’s a country with an old and important tradition, but we are also travelers. It is all about mixing something classic with something eccentric and out of the blue.”

The bright colors of Mele in the Leucadia bikini in Purple Sail and Jenayl in the Riviera One-Piece in Geogold shine in the Mediterranean's blue waters. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 
Wearing Seea on the street. Jenayl wears the Balboa Leggings in Geogold and Mele wears the Jalama Top in Geo Gold and Avalon Overalls in Prarie. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 
To style the Seea collection, Betta was inspired both by traditional Italian architecture and the Mediterranean Sea, marrying beautiful, structured pieces from her favorite Italian designers with the softer, earth-toned and pastel swimwear for adaptable beach-to-street looks that feel perfect for any moment of the day. “I followed my motto,” she explains. “If it makes you feel wonderful in the water, it will be perfect in the street because elegance fits with everything.”

Seea in Italy also features handmade Atelier VM jewelry, Super handmade sunglasses, Ines Susaeta jewelry inspired by natural sea discoveries, Alberto Biani which follows the traditions of bespoke menswear tailoring and Borsalino hats which has been molding headwear for 150 years. 

Tailored pants are juxtaposed with body-hugging swimwear. Jenayl wears the San-O in Luna. Mele wears the Mundaka Tie Top in Earth Waves. Photo by Cristian Corradin.  
A lesson in proportions. Mele wears the Hermosa Surf Suit in Luna with tailored, yet casual pants. Jenayl wears the Nosara Top in Verde and Laguna Pant in Deco Waves with a sophisticated top. Photo by Cristian Corradin.

A clever mix of billowing shirts and neoprene. Jenayl wears the Capitola in Geogold (reversed), Windansea shirt in Deco Waves an Marina Neoprene pant. Mele wears the Chicama bikini in Porto and Rincon Neoprene jacket. Photo by Cristian Corradin.
Mele wears the Zuma Surf Suit in Burgundy with an easy button-up top evoking warm spicy colors. Photo by Cristian Corradin.
Natalia Resmini wears the Hermosa Surf Suit in Earth Waves with tailored, cropped pants. We are so all about the cropped pants. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 
Have you tried on a hat lately? We are super into hats, as you may notice. Mele wears the Belmont Romper in Deco Waves with a structured jacket. Jenayl wears the Maderas Shorts in Prarie with a loose blouse. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 

Jenayl wears the Maderas shorts in Prarie. Cleo makes a bold statement with a menswear vest worn over the Palmas Surf Suit in Verde — no pants. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 

Cleo wears the Palmas Surf Suit in Verde. Photo by Cristian Corradin. 

Get a closer look at all of the stunning Italian scenery and more outfits for surfing (because we love selecting our surf suits for the day as much as our real clothes) in the full length Seea in Italy film!


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