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Seea Movie Night and Mele Saili Art Show at Bing Surf Shop!

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Mele Saili holding the Seea x Bing surfboard that we are giving away in a raffle! Photo by Stone Crandall.

Seea and Bing have been friends forever — sharing several team riders and countless weekend family beach days together — and we were stoked to finally have a party to celebrate Seea being sold at the Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas!

Southern California got some much-needed rain in the morning, and the clouds cleared with sunny skies just in time for the party people trickling in to the Bing Surf Shop at 5pm on Friday, May 15. It was incredible to meet new faces and watch their stoke, eyes glued to the TV while the "Seea in Italy" film by Onde Nostre, "Intimasea" by Nathan Oldfield, and 2015 collection film by Michael Weybret played all night. Think about looking behind you at everyone's faces in a movie theater — super cool!

Seeababe Mele Saili had her paintings and drawings displayed, met with art lovers and sold a few pieces too! Check out special T-shirts for sale only in store at the Bing Surf Shop featuring Mele Saili's artwork. Big thanks to everyone who came out to toast glasses filled with ZIOBAFFA with us, and to the folks at Bing for their hospitality.

All photos by Stone Crandall.

Sunny skies and surfboards in Encinitas! Photo by Stone Crandall.

Early arrivals at the Bing Surf Shop party. Photo by Stone Crandall.

Legendary shaper and surfer Bing Copeland! Photo by Stone Crandall. 

A look at the Seea x Bing surfboard that you can win in a raffle! Photo by Stone Crandall.

Close-up of the color and logo detail of the Seea x Bing Surfboard. Photo by Stone Crandall.

Thanks to Ziobaffa for keeping the wine flowing in the Italian spirit! Photo by Stone Crandall. 
It was awesome to see all the genuine surfer ladies in the house! Photo by Stone Crandall.

Congrats Mele Saili on your art show! Photo by Stone Crandall.

Overflow of people outside of the Bing Surf Shop. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Mele Saili art show. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Margaret Calvani pours some Ziobaffa wine. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Ziobaffa wine got us in the Italian mood during the "Seea in Italy" film screenings. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

More wine! Photo by Stone Crandall. 

So many pretty boards, not enough garage space. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Check out the Seea x Bing surfboard poking out! Packed inside the Bing Surf Shop. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Far right, Bing team rider Mick Rodgers. Photo by Stone Crandall.

Hangin' out. Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Seeababe Karina Rozunko meets Bing Copeland! Photo by Stone Crandall. 

Bing Copeland and Matt Calvani who carries the torch. Photo by Stone Crandall.

Checking out the Mele Saili art show. Photo by Stone Crandall.

Mele holds a T-shirt featuring her painting! Photo by Stone Crandall. 


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