Coastal Adventurer and Seeababe: Karina Rozunko

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Meet Karina! Photo by Luki O'Keefe.


A quintessential California girl, Karina Rozunko is never too far from the coast. Growing up in a surfing family in the beach town of San Clemente, she caught her first waves surfing tandem with her dad, and still remembers the rush. “He would paddle into some waves with me that felt really big!” she says.

We connected with her in the water at our local spot, San Onofre beach (which happened to be where she tried out her first Seea suit: the SanO one-piece of course), and ever since we've loved being around her happy energy in the line-up. She may have grown up surfing with guys — she names her brother Tanner Rozunko and her dad as her best teachers— but we almost always see her trading waves (in her own unique and confident style) and adventuring along PCH with her girlfriends.

We caught up with Karina to get the scoop on her traveling ways — logging time in China, Australia and Mexico — and the friends she's met along the way.
Hometown hero! Karina in the Lima Romper at her local spot, San Onofre. Photo by Luki O'Keefe.
Karina in the Lima romper, headed into the fray. Photo by Luki O'Keefe.

What are your favorite local spots to surf?

My favorite spot is SanO. That beach is something special. The wave is perfect and the people are like family there.

Did you grow up surfing with mostly guys or girls? 

I love surfing with girls! There is more wave sharing and messing around than with guys. But, surfing with guys is great too! I think it helps my surfing to see what the guys are doing and pushes me to keep up.

When I was learning, I pretty much only surfed with guys.The [girl] friends I surf with are hands down the biggest influence on my surfing style. I feel so lucky to have a super talented group of friends that enjoy surfing together. We try new things, get creative and push each other to try new moves.

Karina Rozunko competing in the 2014 GoPro World Longboard Championships in China. Photo from World Surf League.

You've traveled to China for the World Longboard Championships in China contest a few years now. What's the surf scene like over in China?

China was amazing. This was my third year going and each year I saw more and more local surfers in the water, which was so cool! I really enjoyed seeing such a big smiles on their faces while out in the lineup. Also, it was so amazing to watch the local girls, Monica and Darci get so much better every time I see them!

What's your travel style like? Do you like to plan things out or going with the flow?

I like to make a plan and then go with the flow because usually that's where the adventure is. The only plans that I have for my trips are to see new things, meet new people, surf new waves and have a good time.

Karina makes a super stack. Zuma playsuit in black stripe coming soon! Photo by Nick LaVecchia.
Karina in her happy place, wearing the Hermosa Swim Shirt. Photo by Nick LaVecchia. 

What are some of the coolest new experiences you've had while traveling? 

My surf trips have exposed me to so many new things. China was a bit of a culture shock. We ate yummy cow tongue and intestine with the locals. I saved an adorable puppy from being someone's next dinner and found it a good home. In Sayulita, Mexico I made some new and amazing friends, I learned about their culture and surfed warm uncrowded breaks! I traveled down the coast of Australia, camping with five people in a two-man tent and waking up to a new surf spot every day. Yep, I've had some pretty great experiences — even remembering these gives me wanderlust!

You travel a lot while surfing, but don't have space to pack a lot. What is your advice for what you must bring if you're going on any surf trip?

A camera, music player, all my Seea suits because you can't have enough suits, oh and sunscreen is a must.

How is surfing a part of your everyday life?

Surfing is a huge part of my life, from the people I hangout with to the lifestyle I live. Surfing is my therapy and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Thanks Karina! We are so happy to have you in the Seeababes family!

Karina wears the Riviera in Sea Glass. Photo by Luki O"Keefe.
Magical moment captured. Karina wears the Lima Romper. Photo by Luki O'Keefe.
Welcome to the family, Karina Rozunko! Photo by Luki O'Keefe. 


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