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Best of "Big Wednesday" Hurricane Marie Swell

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Seeababe Mele Saili drops in on "Big Wednesday" Hurricane Marie swell. Photo by Nick LaVecchia. 
Last Wednesday, Hurricane Marie generated the kind of rare fantastic swell to Southern California that had frothing surfers and photographers from Hawaii booking next-day plane tickets to LAX to ride Pipeline-worthy barrels at Newport Beach and longest point break rides at Malibu. No swell has this big and perfectly positioned for certain breaks has happened since, forever ago.

Our jaws were dropping at the sight of the sets rolling in — a beautiful spectacle of nature’s raw energy, in perfect rhythmic lines crashing upon our shores. Any die-hard surfer (us included) called in sick from work for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to surf the beastly waves, or just watch the brave souls paddle out and hold our breaths as they dropped in.

We’d been keeping our eyes on the swirling blob swell forecasts and our superb go-to photographer Nick LaVecchia (who shot the Seeababes in Mexico last year) flew in for the occasion to join the Seeababes on their wave hunting adventures on “Big Wednesday” August 27, and days following.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few suits coming to you in 2015 that the Seeababes wore to brave the waves. And keep on reading for a eye candy of the most amazing photos we saw of the swell on Instagram and online.

Seeababes in upcoming 2015 collection on the boat, en route to surf! Photo by Nick LaVecchia.
Special thanks to our friends at Green Fuz for supplying us with a sweet ride! 
Ians Bryant gets a view from the top of Malibu.

Another gorgeous shot of Malibu by Venice local, Ethan Lovell.

Photographer Drew Martin captures a beauty.

Photographer Drew Martin gets a shot of Bobby Okvist yesterday, pre-sunrise, at the one and only Newport Point.

Amazing drone video of Malibu!

Misty morning by our friends at Icons of Surf.

Chris Grant at Jetty Girl Surf magazine said he's seen lots of smiles during this swell. Look how fun!

More of Newport Beach, being gnarly.

Good Morning Marie from Thomas Green on Vimeo.

Bing Surfboards spots another perfect wave.

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