World of Wavecraft with Crystal Fitzgerald and Leana Rack

What’s the best wavecraft to ride? The one that will be the most fun! The latest issue of Surfgirl magazine featured Seeababe Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald and Seea’s Southern Hemisphere sales rep, Leana Rack talking about the boards they reach for the most. 

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Aussie babes with their diverse wavecrafts. Photo by Ming Nomchong. 

What’s the best wavecraft to ride? The one that will be the most fun! Surfgirl magazine’s latest issue featured Seeababe Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald and Seea’s Southern Hemisphere sales rep, Leana Rack talking about the boards they reach for the most.

Having a surfboard shaper as a husband, Chrystal has a constant flow of arrows in her quiver to experiment with. We asked the experts, "What do you get out of having a diverse quiver?" Chrystal answered with a smile, "More days in the water and even bigger grins." Leana added, "Appreciation, gratitude and endless joy in wave riding and ocean activities." Read on for more of the Seeababes' escapades in Aussie sliding.

Special thanks to photographer Ming Nomchong for capturing the fun session! Read on to see the story in Surfgirl magazine and Chrystal's quiver advice.

Chrystal Fitzgerald featured in the "Foam Glide Fun" story in Surfgirl magazine. Photos by Ming Nomchong.

What do you love about surfing different kinds of wavecraft? 

Chrystal: The reason I love surfing different kinds of wavecraft is because, rain, shine, big, small, or nearly flat —whatever the conditions — I can get out there and enjoy the thrill of riding a wave. Each craft is unique in its function, therefore different techniques and approaches to wave riding are necessitated, this leads to growth as a surfer and is really fun.

Leana: I love the opportunity to connect to the wave from a different perspective and alternate periphery. Also, to have an experience in the ocean that creates new and unique sensations; such as speed or body sensation! It also creates an appreciation for the craft you may surf well, and the humility of taking out something you may not have ridden! So fun!

How do you choose what you want to ride on any given day? 

Chrystal: My craft choice is ruled by the surf spot, the size and conditions, and what I feel like riding on the day. The place where I am surfing is of the greatest consideration.

Leana: I always chose my log first!! But I read the tide, size of the wave and type of break and go from there!

Chrystal with a board shaped by her husband, Joel Fitzgerald. Photo by Ming Nomchong. 
Chrystal with her handplane wearing her favorite bodysurfing combo: the Seea Palomar Crop Top over the San-O One-Piece. Photo by Ming Nomchong.
Chrystal gets down low. Photo by Ming Nomchong.
Chrystal catches a little peeler. Photo by Ming Nomchong. 
Which board in particular have you been reaching for the most and why? 

Chrystal: 7'0 Sea Gypsy with drifta fin set up, which I can ride as a single fin, shaped by my husband Joel Fitzgerald for all around conditions, its just super and easy to get waves on.

Leana: I reach for my 9'4" Takayama single fin log but it does depend on the conditions. If it is bigger and punchier, I LOVE the surf mat!

For bodysurfing, mat surfing or paipo in particular, what Seea suits work the best and why? 

Chrystal: When I'm laying down or completely submerged in the ocean as I am on a Paipo, bodysurfing or matting, and rely on my upper body more, I choose to wear the Seea Hermosa suit, as it covers my chest and arms giving me the security and functionality I need. Alternatively I use the San-O suit with a Seea rashguard over the top.

Leana: Seea suits are the very best in design, function and form. They give coverage, beautiful lines shaped on the body and comfort. I like pairing the Palomar in Tea Leaf cropped rashie with the Palisades 2mm high waisted neoprene bottoms = PERFECT.

Leana Rack featured in the "Foam Glide Fun" story in Surfgirl Magazine. Photo by Ming Nomchong.

Leana has a blast on her mat. Photo by Ming Nomchong. 
Leana wears the Seea Palomar Crop Top and Palisades neoprene shorts. Photo by Ming Nomchong.
Leana makes a smooth turn on her longboard. Photo by Ming Nomchong. 

Shop Chrystal and Leana's favorites: The Palomar Crop Top in Black Diamond, San-O One-Piece in Limestone, The Palomar Crop Top in Tea Leaf and Palisades High Waist Neoprene Shorts.

Want to learn more about surfboards? Read about the art of surfboard shaping in our interview with shaper Christine Brailsford!

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