Lola Mignot

Lives in: Sayulita, Mexico.
Home Breaks:Sayulita.
Seea Quiver:Leucadia bikini top, Doheny rashguard, Pacifica leggings. “I love them because they are the most comfortable to surf in.”
Passions:Dancing, skateboarding, swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball, going for walks in the jungle, drawing, writing, reading and cooking.
Surf Rituals:“I usually wake up at 8am or 8:30am to go surfing. If the waves are good I will wake up at 7:30am, go get coffee and watch the waves. If it looks fun I run to my room and put on my bikini and my Seea rashguard and go surfing for about two hours. If they don't look good I go walking with my two dogs, Koa and Kika, to the end of the beach, Kestos and then go to school. Afterwards I walk or bike to school. When I come back from school I go to my favorite tacos in town called Nati's and then wait until it's time for the sunset surf session and stay until it is dark.”


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