Ashley Johnston

Lives in: Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii.
Home Breaks:PK's, Waiohai, Pakalas.
Seea Quiver:The Riviera is cute and functional while staying on when I’m duck diving for bigger swells. The Palomar Crop Top is the prefect amount of coverage for our warm Hawaii waters, but still keeps me warm enough from those chilly North winds for sunset sessions.”
Passions:Graphic design, art, dance, and traveling.
Surf Rituals:“Wake up and pack up my beach bag for the day with all my suits and essentials for the day. Next stop is always coffee. I love my morning iced lattes. After getting some caffeine in my system, I’ll usually call up the crew to get the wave report and see who wants to paddle out. I surf for an hour or two depending on the waves. I’ll usually grab some food afterwards from Koloa Fish Market, Living Foods, or Acai bowls from Aloha Aina Juice Bar unless I’m craving something cold, I’ll call up my boyfriend Bryce to go for a scooter ride to get our iced tea lemonade fix from Starbucks.”


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