Captain Fin x Seea - Giveaway! - Seea

The Ultimate Surf Kit Giveaway!

With over 15 salty years experience, our friends over at Captain Fin Co collaborated with us to create a pair of high-quality fins that would not just look cool, but elevate your surfing experience with rad and innovative design specs.

With the holiday season in full-swing, we decided to team up for a bundle giveaway - offering our 2mm Yulex Long Jane, along with Captain Fin's 9.5" Pivot and 8.5" Raked fins, as well as their 9' ankle leash!


Want to learn more about selecting the right fin to maximize your stoke?

We asked the Captain Fin team to lend their expertise to help clarify the questions and choices for selecting the right kind of fin for your long/mid-length!



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