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Protect that Pretty Skin with Pale Girl's Easy Advice

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Author, three-time melanoma survivor and longtime Seea fan, Hillary Fogelson in the original Doheny rashguard. 
Fact-filled information about how to protect yourself from skin cancer can be a hard pill to swallow when it’s coming from a doctor’s clinical language. Not the case when talking to author of the memoir, Pale Girl Speaks, Hillary Fogelson who's a pro at dispensing small bits of advice that can make a big difference, and are are easy as pie to remember. 
In honor of May being National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we called upon Hillary again for a brush up on skin cancer prevention schooling. Hillary isn't a doctor, but her memoir, Pale Girl Speaks recounts her first-hand experience going through melanoma treatment that’s touching and personal, while also being an educational journey alongside her.
Now a three-time melanoma survivor, mother of two daughters and skin cancer prevention activist, Hillary gives us her tips for sun protection for yourself and how to get your kids in healthy routine practices early on. 
Left, the cover of the Pale Girl Speaks book and some useful advice from Hillary on her website.
Pale Girl Sun Protection Tips

"A single application of sunscreen doesn't last all day, sorry ladies! Whether you're spending a long afternoon at the park with your kids, or surfing the waves, reapplication is a must!  Also, it's important to apply sunscreen to dry skin — unless the product specifically says it can be applied to wet — and wait 10-15 minutes for the sunscreen to fully absorb into your skin and start working before you head outside or in the water."

"Don't use a vacation as an opportunity to try a new sunscreen. Buy products a week or two before you go away so you have a chance to see if the sunscreen works for your skin."

"If you have short hair, remember to apply plenty of sunscreen to the back of your neck and your ears. Ears get tons of sun exposure and many people forget to slather them up!"

Don't forget to reapply throughout the day. Photo by Luki O'Keefe.

"Never leave sunscreen in a hot car or out on the sand. Ironically, when the active ingredients in sunscreen get hot, they become less effective.  If you're at the beach, wrap your SPF in a towel or keep it under an umbrella with plenty of shade."

"Wondering the best way to teach your kids about the importance of sun protection? Teach by example!  If your kids see you incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine, they'll be more likely to do the same. And it's so much easier to get your kids to wear long sleeve rash guards if you're wearing one yourself. Trust me!"

"Not all sunglasses are created equal! And just because they're dark doesn't mean they give adequate UV protection. Always look for a tag or sticker that tells the amount of UV protection you're getting."

"If you're spending long hours in the water, save time by wearing a long sleeve rashguard to protect your arms, neck, shoulders and back. It will cut down on your time spent applying SPF...and you'll look like a real surfer!"

"Damage done by a sunburn lasts forever. So no sunburns, please!"

Pale Girl's daughters cover up in special Seea rashguards. 

Glowing and comfortable in her healthy pale skin, Hillary Fogelson photographed by Sue Bryce for Olay. 

Don't miss out on Hillary's entire emotionally personal story, read our last interview with her here.

Get more sun safety advice on our last post with Respect the Rays' Timna Understein.

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