Stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello's Guide to Wearing Seea from the Surf to Sidewalk

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Elisabetta in the original Swami's suit.
Our longtime friend from Italy, stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello has the best of both worlds. When she’s not wearing fierce shoes, meeting designers backstage during fashion week in Milan and styling fashion editorials for RedmilkVanity Fair and Elle magazine’s Italian editions, you’ll find her barefoot at a beach somewhere for weeks at a time living the simplest existence: surf, eat, sleep.
“Surfing saved my mind from the competition of the fashion system, from being obsessed with clothes, materialism and power. Surfing is my cleanliness and integrity. It’s like rehab for my mind,” says Elisabetta of discovering surfing for the first time during her rising fashion career.
From left, Lola Mignot, Luki O'Keefe, Amanda Chinchelli, Elisabetta Dal Bello, Jenayl Peters and Mele Saili in Mexico for the 2014 photoshoot. Photographed by Nick LaVecchia. 

We love Elisabetta's whip smart humor — you may remember her brilliant quotes from the Ritratti Di Surf “Girls, Girls, Girls” video by Onde Nostre — and she also lent her styling talents for our 2014 lookbook shot on location in Mexico.

As summer draws nearer, we called her up to get her expert advice on making the most of precious luggage space by stretching your Seea wardrobe from the surf to the sidewalk.

Behind the scenes on some of the shoots that Elisabetta Dal Bello has styled. 

Elisabetta's guide to wearing Seea from the surf to the street

Inside her styling bags: "I have my style that is very personal, but usually the accessories and clothes that I pack depend on the story. For example, if I need to make a color story, I will bring all colored stuff. If I need to make a retro story I will bring things of that period. I usually always bring with me a couple of hats. They immediately give the right attitude to any model. But, there’s always a piece or a pair of shoes that are completely out of the blue from the story because I like the idea of the unexpected in my aesthetic."

Her kit is never missing: "Safety pins! A good stylist couldn’t leave without them. Safety pins are the stylist best friend! They could reduce a shirt or pants to two sizes and erase any unaesthetic wrinkles from any clothes."

Her advice for girls choosing a swimsuit: "Feel good and confident with the style you are looking for. For example, I’m the kind of girl who looks good in ‘70’s style. I could never wear a ‘50’s skirt or a pin-up girl bustier because I know it does not represent my style. The most important thing is to find something that represents our personal style the best. The secret is to valorize the better side of us. If you have super long legs, or a tiny waist or a good skin color, always choose something that feels you like showing off your best!"

Left, Amanda and Elisabetta wearing the Bolinas with denim shorts. Right, Elisabetta in high fashion mode. 

Her fashion advice for a surf trip: "Try to pack your style in a small space. That means bring your favorite small pieces—better if you can use them as layers like a crop top, your favorite t-shirt and maybe a light cashmere sweater. Seea pieces are the perfect match to the idea of layers. Mix a Seea item worn in the morning for a surf session and wear the same item at night plus a nice silk blouse. It’s the best solution in a tiny space!"

1. Pack a light cashmere sweater will protect you from the air conditioning on the airplane. "A hat, Swami's one piece and a knit sweater is the perfect look to warm yourself after sunset session, and why not for an aperitif on the beach?"

Wear a chunky oversized sweater on top of the Swami’s to this surf suit from daytime to chilly dusk.  

2.  Add a skirt or structured men's pants to the Riviera one-piece and it becomes a glamorous bustier. "I like the color mix of the [Chloe pants]. The shape of the pants is masculine, tailored cut, the final look is easy but very elegant. You could wear it for a cocktail party by the pool."
Go long or short. The Riviera looks fantastic under a fun fitted skirt or loose pants (like these by Chloe).  Add a clutch and you're ready to go. 

3. "Silk shorts and the Hermosa make a romantic look in an all pastels palette."
Balance the proportions of the body conscious Hermosa on top, with loose fluttery shorts on the bottom. 

4. "Cropped tops looks great with a long skirt. The two shapes looks great together for the contrast of a mini piece mix with something long and feminine."
Keep the midriff-baring Palomar crop top rashguard classy by wearing it with an elegant maxi skirt. On the right, Mele shows us how its done.

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