Congrats to Seeababes placing on top at the Noosa Festival of Surf!

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Mele scoring a magical moment with dolphins during the Noosa Festival of Surfing. Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald. 

Shakas to Mele Saili, Lola Mignot, Karina Rozunko and Makala Smith for the awesome display of pretty lady gliding at The Noosa Festival of Surfing in Australia last week! The dreamy point break lit up during the contest days and our hearts swelled to see photos of our friends surfing with graceful style and smiles on their faces.

Every year some of the best surfers from all over the world gather at the Noosa Festival of Surfing for a weeklong party reunion. All kinds of wavecraft are ridden, yet its dominated by old school logging that Noosa's glassy perfection is made for. Congrats to Mele, Lola, Karina and Makala for placing in the top 10 in women's division!

Trace in their cross-steps with this photo tour of the 2014 Noosa Festival. Special thanks to Nathan Oldfield and newest addition to the Seeababe family, Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald for the stunning photos.

Lola Mignot's poetry in motion. Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.
View from the beach. Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.


According to Chrystal, the Noosa festival had a humble start with an emphasis on families and gathering together for the love of surfing. Even though the festival now welcomes the very best surfers from around the world, the love of surfing motto and family teams divisions remain.

"During the festival Noosa turns on her charm," says Chrystal, who photographed the event. "Open air venues and restaurants along the beach and street are packed. Here on Hastings Street, international surf films make their debuts, incredible musicians like the Band of Frequencies jam into the night, and interesting artist, surfers and surfing legends mingle thorough the week."

Walking from first point where the contest is held to Noosa National Park, Chrystal says it becomes "this beautiful nexus of smiles, interesting boards, surf reports, koalas, skateboards, sunscreen, ice creams, and hugs. It's a haven for long-boarding, surf history enthusiasm and a delight to be a part of even if you can't stay the whole week. If you do stay though the week, and happen to be blessed with swell your a different human by the end of it."



Go Karina! Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald. 
Mele in the pocket. Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.
Makala keeps her legs covered and protected with leggings. Photo by Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.
Surf, eat, sleep, repeat. Lola takes a rest. 
Mele captured by Nathan Oldfield for great folks at The Critical Slide Society.
Mele in the Palomar Crop Top and Leucadia High Waist Skirted Bottom in Tea Leaf. Photo by Nathan Oldfield. 
Mele levitates. Photo by Nathan Oldfield. 
Having fun in between heats. From left: Lola, Tory Gilkerson, Karina and Makala playing around on a dock by the Noosa River. 
More fun on the dock. Karina strikes a pose in the Monterey. Tory in the San O in Limestone, Lola in Palomar Crop Top out this summer, Makala in the Leucadia in Limestone. 
Mele in the San O meets Byron Bay surfer Leana Rack! 
Mele's quick stop in Tavarua... See you next year Noosa! 

Can't get enough? Watch Mele and Makala in the final of the Hive Swimwear Women's Open.  

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