Wear with sandy feet: Vans x Seea!

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Seea x Vans! 
As a kid growing up in Italy and Brazil, designer of Seea Amanda Chinchelli says that Vans shoes represented all things cool in California. So when the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic shoe brand came up, it was a flat out amazing dream come true to create modern designs in tune with Vans' history of shaping original surf culture.

“I think I've had Vans in my closet since I was ten, so these shoes are definitely close to my heart,” Amanda says. “Vans is the most iconic surf-skate company in the world, so as my family grows and we set down our own roots in California, I couldn't be happier to work together.”

Now available at select retailers, the Vans x Seea 2014 collection uses original prints from Seea's latest swimwear styles, adapted onto footwear. Amanda offered her design inspiration behind the collection.

Start your day on the right foot in the Vans x Seea Solana slip-on.

What was the inspiration for the Vans x Seea collection? 

When I design Seea suits, I want ladies who surf to be able to feel comfortable and casual, but in a chic and elegant way. For this Vans collaboration, I chose feminine pastels with added flairs like metallics and bright accents, all with the same type of surfer girl in mind.

From left, the Vans x Seea Mohikan moccassin, Solana sneaker and Lanai sandal.

What kind of girl did you envision wearing the shoes and how? 

This girl is adventurous and loves to travel, so I wanted her to be able to pack just three shoes in her luggage, and have all the bases covered on her next surf trip. With a sandal, a flat, and a cool moccasin, all you need is some jean shorts, a maxi skirt and a couple of tops, and you're set! Together with a lovely bikini, rash guard, and a few Seea surf suits, you can stay stylish all day long, in and out of the water.

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The only sandal you'll need on vacation: Vans x Seea Lanai.
The Vans x Seea Mohikan moccasin. 
The Vans x Seea Solana sneaker.

Ready for adventure: Vans x Seea Lanai sandal. 

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Wear with sandy feet: Vans x Seea!

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Wear with sandy feet: Vans x Seea!

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