Catching up with Wanderlust Artist Natalia Resmini

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Natalia with her longboard. Photo by Filippo Maffei.
For as long as we have known our dear friend, surfer, fashion illustrator and Seeababe Natalia Resmini, she is always traveling. From her hometown in Italy, to chasing the swells to Morocco, France and Spain, her life is full of adventure hanging out with stylish surfers around the world.

Natalia’s wanderlust lifestyle is even truer now that her newest home—a boat in Sardinia, Italy—is frequently in motion, gliding through water. From her “office” on the boat or wherever she can find a place to paint, she makes illustrations for the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera and Elle Italy. Look out for Natalia in "Peninsula, a film by Onde Nostre" coming out next spring that documents the history of the Italian surf scene shot completely on 35mm, 16mm and super8 film.

It's been a while since we last surfed with Natalia in Italy while filming "Girls, Girls, Girls, a film by Onde Nostre" so we thought it was time to catch up with her again and hear what it’s like to live on a boat.

Natalia's home, "Fiore di Maggio."

When did you start surfing? 

I've start surfing during a trip in Hawaii, around 1998. I was just a "big girl," my parents allowed me to go there and I was super stoked. I remember myself dreaming with this airplane ticket in my hands,"Milano-Honolulu."I just couldn't believe it. I've learned pretty much watching the others and just go. The main ingredient? Determination, on and on. Back to Italy, I've never stopped even if it was not an easy road. The Mediterranean Sea does not have consistent waves. At that time I also started my art studies. I began playing with "the elements," studying shapes on paper and new forms on my board.

Life on the sea. Photo by Filippo Maffei.

What do you love about living on a boat and that every day is different? 

I love so much to wake up in the harbor. I'm such a dreamer and my spirit gets big nourishment every morning. My boyfriend is a sailor, a surfer and a fisherman, he's such a great waterman. Everyday is a small adventure. We live in South Sardinia, and it’s always warm and sunny. The boat is old school, very comfortable, and there is a lot of space for chilling and creating. My main activities are: surfing, painting, swimming, reading, thinking, and fishing. The worst thing that could happen to me would be go back living in a normal house!

Natalia's office in the boat.

Where are some of the favorite places you have traveled to that are inspiring for your art? 

Morocco is one of my fav places—close to Italy, cheap flights. In the few last years I've been there so many times! It has a magic vibe. There is a sort of "light Islamic" culture which is interesting to discover. Essaouira is one of the best cities I've seen in my life. The architecture is very ancient and sophisticated. Brazil is also very inspiring. I loved the perfect mix of relaxed atmosphere, samba and healthy lifestyle. Fruits are so tasty over there! Impossible not to mention Basque country, the European surfing mecca, with so many interesting people to meet.

What do you always pack with you when you travel? 

Sunscreen 50+, white papers and watercolors, my "fatima hands" necklace  (it brings a good luck while traveling), some book and a black Balenciaga Bag.

Illustration by Natalia Resmini
Illustration by Natalia Resmini.

Why is it important to have good surfing girl friends?

Me and my girlfriends we support each other—this is the main thing. We share beauty tips and laugh. They are all very ironic, I admit. When the line-up becomes "pink" its always a great fun. Especially if the crew is wearing Seea! I love Amanda because she spread the Italian glamour in the world. She is always positive and she works like crazy, but never complains. She is not just a surfer sista: she is a strong and determinate businesswoman, always a good example for me.

Elisabetta Del Ballo, Natalia Resmini and Amanda Chinchelli in Italy filming with Onde Nostre. 

Why do you love about being apart of the surfer community and that we are all connected around the world?

It's a great question. I've met a lot talented people around the world. I can say that all the surfers are creative and very idealistic. Beside the hippie allure, which is the first impression, I noticed a true consciousness towards the "real problems." With my surfer friends we often speak about pollution, health, religion. Instead, the people that I've met in the fashion business are quite unaware. I believe the surfing community is a kind of big family! Longboarders in particular are peaceful and laid-back. There is a big link among all of us. Internet helps a lot.

Natalia in Morocco. Photo by Mohamed Rob.

Natalia in the Onde Nostre film, "Girls, Girls, Girls."

What projects are you working on now? 

At the moment I'm painting a lot on t-shirts. My capsule collection is called "fishing for religion." It's handmade in Italy with love! They are all unique pieces: I design the graphics, I use a lot of pastels and sometime I add some golden pigment as well. The result is very different! I've started to sell them in some selected shop. My favorite is Swell Surf Shop and Cafè in Sinnai, (Sardegna Island) they sell a lot of different brands.

Fishing for Religion t-shirt.

What other advice do you have to share? 

My philosophy at the moment is quite simple:

1) Don't compare yourself with the others people go straight for your road.
2) Try to be grateful and smile.

Basking in the sun.
Thank you Natalia for spreading the Seea love in Europe and your friendship!

See more of Natalia's work on her website, blog and Instagram.

Ode to Seea styles. Illustrations by Natalia Resmini.

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