Aloha Hawaii! Seea takes a trip to Oahu

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The Kahala hotel and resort. 

First stop was the beach! The lovely ladies from First Break Waikiki set us up with an umbrella & chairs for the day, and full access to their fleet of rental boards at the Royal Hawaiian. Built in 1927, this bright pink hotel is an unmistakeable Waikiki landmark, and an amazing place to spend the day.

The Royal Hawaiian circa 1930. The gentle break out front is called "Canoes". Now you know why!
This common area of the hotel pays homage to the early surf pioneers and the wooden "Alaia" boards, ridden by ancient Hawaiians centuries before them. 

Amazing images like these were created by master photographer Anton Bruehl to entice travelers to visit the islands. This vintage Matson Line poster is on display at the Royal Hawaiian. 
The courtyard at the Royal Hawaiian - nearly as beautiful as the beach!

Essential for rest and relaxation at the beach, a wide-brimmed hat and SunBum sunscreen kept our skin from burning under the noonday sun. We loved that the spray sunscreen and clear stick was easy to put on the skin and didn’t leave an oily residue. Don’t forget the SunBum “Cool Down” after-sun spray with aloe vera because in addition to smelling amazing, hydrating your skin and being a convenient spray, it leaves a nice glossy sheen on your legs and arms to look fresh when going out to dinner.

Our beach kit - perfect for a day at Waikiki

Even with a full stock of beach supplies, you can only take so much sun, so we spent the next few days exploring the shops and restaurants of Honolulu. Highlights include what could be the best breakfast buffet ever at the House Without a Key, and dinner at Morimoto, located on the second floor of our very own hotel, The Modern Honolulu.

Any excuse to shop is a good one, and a major part of the trip was to meet our retailers themselves, and put faces with names at places like GreenRoom Hawaii and Surf Garage. We also enjoyed a trip around Diamond Head to visit the Kahala Resort and Hotel, who'll be introducing Seea to resort guests there this Spring.

After a quick swim, we swung back through Waikiki for a stop at SpecialME, a cool little shop just off the beaten path on the north end of Kalakaua Ave. A big thanks to all the retailers who took time to meet and talk with us, and for their support in busy & beautiful Honolulu!

This store is full of unique art, soft print shirts, and brightly colored beach blankets. Thanks SpecialME!

Next stop - the North Shore! A must see for the surf faithful, winter trips here have been described as "a pilgrimage" for decades. With zero intentions of surfing life threatening waves, we were still curious and took the road up to Haleiwa to check it out for ourselves.

We have arrived to the North Shore. 
Longboarders ruled on the famous reef break with no swell in sight.
Wouldn't you know it? Pipeline was flat! Guess we picked the wrong week for world class waves. The water was warm and inviting, so we did the next best thing and went swimming instead - a perfect way to end the day. Thanks to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable - we'll be back soon, promise!! 

A huge mahalo to Tracey Kehler for his Aloha spirit & wonderful hospitality.

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Aloha Hawaii! Seea takes a trip to Oahu

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Aloha Hawaii! Seea takes a trip to Oahu

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