Seeababe Surf Lessons: How to pack for your dream vacation

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The road to surfer's paradise. Mele and Jenayl throw their extra clothes on top of their surfboards for carrying down to the beach in Mexico.

Taking a far-flung surf trip is the highlight of the year, and if you’re lucky like the Seeababes, you get to go on more than one. Our resident endless summer chasers with many stamps in their passports, Mele, Luki and Jenayl shared their advice and travel tips, just in time for winter getaways.

Here’s how and what they packed on their trip to Mexico to shoot the Seea Spring 2014 collection, coming out this month!

Getting all the boards ready for air transport.

Suitcase Strategy

Mele: “My packing list usually goes something like this: Money, ID, toiletries, first aid kit, travel journal, always double check for your wetsuit, bring stickers for quick ding repair. Never forget sunscreen and always bring adventurous travel companions.”

Adventurous travel companions? Check!

Luki: “Mexico is always pretty casual so I packed comfortable clothes, a lot of sun dresses, a pair of flip flops, nice flats, a pair of running shoes and of course I brought my favorite board to travel with: my Cheetah 9'4".”

Lounging at the beach rental in comfortable clothing. 

Jenayl: “I packed a carry-on full of the essentials including the toiletries and tummy-ache helpers, and good sunscreen! For a trip to Mexico, you pack the sundresses, your flowey shirts for covering-up or walking around, high waisted shorts and that floppy hat we all love so much. After all the essentials are in there then as long as it fits in your bag, it’s allowed! Nothing too flashy but keep it light, comfy and cute!”

Bringing your Longboard 

Mele: “Always get the bags with rollers at one end, so you can get around the airport easily. Bring board straps even if they’re the cheap ones from Home Depot. Always try to negotiate the board bag cost. Make friends with the baggage employees while you’re standing in line, it’ll make a huge difference when you go to weight your boards.”

A full roof and trunk on the way to the airport.
We made it!
Once you're there, any empty spot on the porch will do to store those logs. Bonus, dry your soggy towels too.

Luki: “Traveling with longboards can be a drag! If its possible I always try to fit more than one log into a case. I've gotten away with fitting four boards in one bag for the price of one board. The board I usually travel with has a fin box rather than a glassed-in fin which makes things a lot easier. Other than that, drown it in bubble wrap!”

Souvenir Style 

Luki: “I bought a bracelet and a large blanket that I use all the time. I love buying souvenirs from different countries, especially jewelry! The prices are usually very negotiable unlike anything in California, and everything you take home has a story and a memory behind it. I once bought a turquoise necklace for $10 in a jungle hut in Nicaragua and saw the exact same one in the airport at home for $60! It all depends on where you are!”

Did we mention to rent a car with roof racks?

Nick LaVecchia capturing the boardstack. 
The best souvenir of all—fun memories with friends old and new!

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