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Sierra Lerback

Sierra Lerback can’t help but pick flowers wherever she goes. Along the windy Hana highway on her island home of Maui, she pulls over on the shoulder and disappears over the guardrail into the jungle. A few minutes later, she emerges out with bouquet of ginger stems in all hues: white, pink, and red (the same flower tattoed on the inside of her wrist). She gets back in the car, drives on, and does it again. By the time she’s parked at home, the trunk of her car looks like a flower shop heist. “It's so nice having the fragrance of fresh cut flowers in every room,” she smiles.

For Sierra, the wildest parts of Maui feel like her extended backyard. Before she was old enough to paddle out into the surf, her dad left her on the beach alone to play as he and his friends took turns surfing and keeping an eye on her. Nowadays, she’s still like a kid playing on the beach, scrambling over rocks, awed by petals and fronds, and marveling at the crustaceans she encounters skittering on the sand. We think she might be a sea creature and flower whisperer.

Through high school, Sierra traveled and competed in women’s short board contests but lately she’s fallen in love with riding weirder boards and exploring wherever the tides and swell take her. From dancing hula on a parade float, to living simply, Sierra inhabits the Aloha spirit.

Favorite surf breaks in Sayulita: Honolua Bay

Hometown in Mexico: Napili

Seea Quiver: The Frida,because its so flattering on every body type and is a timeless and functional suit. 

On a Saturday I am... Sitting under a waterfall after a long morning surf.

Passions: Pottery, gardening

Surfing makes me feel…like I’m in my own world

Guilty pleasure: Spam musubis  

Secret Talent: Water polo goalie for four years

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