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Taylor Nelson

Lives in: Thousand Oaks, California and Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Home Breaks: First Point Malibu.

Seea Quiver: “I love the elegance of The Leucadia Bikini and the functionality the high waist in big surf! The Leucadia top is not only a great surf top, but I love to wear it working out and on trail runs! The Hermosa One-Piece is great because it protects you by keeping the sun off your back. I fell in love with the Hermosa surfing one of my biggest days on North Shore because I wasn’t fussing with readjusting my suit after duck diving.”

Passions: Hiking, trail running, sailing, swimming.

Surf Rituals: “I am morning person. I wake up around 5:30 AM everyday and the first thing I do is make coffee and check the waves. I love spending the entire day at the beach, so I pack a big day bag and cooler! My beach day essentials are my Bing surfboard, sunhat, sunscreen, lunch, two wetsuits (who likes to put on a wet wetsuit?!), Seea suits, and Mexican blanket. My ideal day is spent enjoying the sun and waves with my best friends; we always try to carpool and love to trek down to the beach listening to country music.

I don’t have a pre-heat competition regimen, but what helps me loosen up is I like to introduce myself to the girls I am competing against. I feel that this helps me feel less intimidated by the competition because it lightens the mood and also helps prevent unsportsman-like conduct during the heat. I have noticed that I get back paddled less in the heats that I talk, than the times that I do not.” 

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    Taylor in the Palmas Surf Suit. Photo by Ian Zamora.
    Taylor in the Palmas Surf Suit. Photo by Ian Zamora.
    Taylor in the Malibu One-Piece. Photo by Luki O'Keefe.
    Taylor in the Palomar Crop Top and Leucadia High Waist Skirted Bottom. Photo by Ian Zamora.
    Taylor in the Zuma Surf Suit. Photo by Alex Shea.

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