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Karina Rozunko

A quintessential California girl, Karina Rozunko is never too far from the coast. Growing up in a surfing family in the beach town of San Clemente, she caught her first waves surfing tandem with her dad, and still remembers the rush. “He would paddle into some waves with me that felt really big!” she says.

We connected with her in the water at our local spot, San Onofre beach (which happened to be where she tried out her first Seea suit: the SanO one-piece of course), and ever since we've loved being around her happy energy in the line-up. That feeling of being carried by the waves stuck with her so much that she constantly travels with the flow of ocean currents in anticipation of the next glide.

From months living out of a van in Australia to competing in longboard contests in China, no matter what continent she’s on, the sound of the ocean nearby feels like home. “Our front yard is the beach, so I have grown up around surfing. I've always loved the ocean and surfing was just another way to play in it.”

Favorite surf breaks in California: Sano, Oceanside Harbor, Church

Hometown in California: San Clemente

Seea Quiver: The Karina and the Leana are my go to surf suits. The Capitola is my favorite go-to bikini. I love how its reversible—like having two bikinis in one.

On Saturday I am most likely to be: Waking up early, getting a coffee from Zebra house then off to check the waves at like 5 different places, go surfing, after a rummage through a thrift shop and finding some gems!

Passions: Drawing, reading, playing guitar

But first: Pre-surf coffee is a must

Secret Talents: Spontaneously performing her pre-teen gymnastics floor routine from subconscious muscle memory.

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