Lola Mignot - Wave Dancer, Gypsy Traveler

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Lola Mignot

Lola Mignot takes you by surprise, in that she’s so unique of a human, you have to double take, triple take. Her age is a decimal of her character, carrying herself calmly, she’s lovely to be around, and all are always surprised to find she is just in her second decade here on earth.  

Lola is from Sayulita, Mexico, born in Paris, raised on boats, on islands, with wonder — the world is her home. There’s a saying that goes, “Once you go somewhere, it never really leaves you, and a part of you is always there.” Perhaps Lola is carrying the magic of her multicultural upbringing. In the sea, her elegance shines and her technical growth is transparent. She’s on this fast-track path to excellence and mastery. Her footwork is delicate and purposeful; she takes small steps.

“Our favorite thing to do is surf and play in the ocean,” says Lola about opening her home to the Seeababes whenever they stop through Sayulita. “I loved taking them to all the secret beaches around the town, and introduce them to all my close friends.”

Being in the water with Lola, time slows down when she is on a wave, everyone watches. And then she paddles by you, and you can often hear her laugh, an exclamation of her pure enjoyment of life. 

Favorite surf breaks in Sayulita: Sayulita, and a few secret spots ;)  

Hometown in Mexico: Sayulita

Seea Quiver: The Lola

Number of passports: Two

Passions: Dancing, skateboarding, swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball, going for walks in the jungle, drawing, writing, reading and cooking.

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