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Answering the Call to the Wall

For the past few years, the annual local longboarding contests at Malibu have had lackluster waves that don't do justice to magical perfection of first point's potential. The annual "Call to the Wall" held this past weekend July 13-14 at Surfrider Beach got lucky with fun swell all day long and endless sunshine. Really, all day long no matter the tide and barely a gentle breeze midday.
Congrats to Seeababes Mele Saili who made it to the semi-finals and Amy Lowry that took third place in the finals! 
With only five people per heat, there were amazing set waves that sneaked past unridden! 
Mele in the pocket. By Tim Regas Photography. 
Go Amy! By Tim Regas Photography. 
Not a sliver of brick wall went uncovered. 
Why can't we all just get a longboard?
Therasurf caught party waves with kids with special needs. 
You had to be apart of a surf clubs to enter the contest. The clubs staked their tents across the beach. 
Amy on her way to a free surf. By Tim Regas Photography. (Rhea) July 16, 2013 1 tags (show)

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