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Thalia Holiday Catalog

Thalia Surf Shop released their Holiday Catalog today - A slick, 40 page look at independent surf culture's best Winter offerings. Not only does the catalog highlight choice picks for the alternative minded, it also serves as an reaffirmation of values for a shop who clearly defines themselves by what they are not:

"We are more than just your average sell anything, run of the mill surf shop. We are purveyors of a culture and a movement. One that strives for the strange, embraces the weird and encourages the improvisational."

With new goods from The Ampal CreativeQuality Peoples, and an interview with Geoffrey Holstad, this catalog is filled gems, including a first look at the Seea x Thalia collab rashguard. Didn't get one in your mailbox?? Not to worry - you can sign up to receive one here, or just download a copy for immediate awesomeness!

USE THE COUPON CODE "SURFEVERYTHING" AND RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER, DIRECT FROM THALIA! *(Except for Axxe Wetsuits, Music, and Surfboards!!) (Seea) November 12, 2012 2 tags (show)

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